pedigree ragdoll kittens for sale in Sydney




Ancats Sil Db Gd Ch & Nat Ch Ragalon Maverick

An outstanding Blue Bicolour  boy from Victoria, bred from the Champions at Ragalon. He has an amazing personality as well as great type. Maverick recently won Best Kitten at the Royal Easter Show as well as the ACF Nationals and he is destined to be a media star....he just loves the camera and showing off to all visitors.



Ancats Brz Db Gd Ch Aberlady Magical Merlin 

A blue lynx/tabby point homebred boy with amazing blue eyes and incredible coat. . Merlin has won Best Kitten at the Royal Easter Show as well as success as an adult. He has the most amazing personality and loves to lie on my shoulders and he loves to rub his face against mine...I call him the 'scarf cat'.



Wishfulthinkin Jasper

Jet is a Seal Mitted boy carrying imported bloodlines from  traditional lines. He is a big strong boy with piercing blue eyes and an amazing coat. He carries both Chocolate and Dilute and so can have all colours of kittens. Jet hasn't been shown because despite his many qualities, he doesn't have the show standard white chin.




Ancats Brz Db Gd Ch Aberlady Harley Quin

Harley is Blue Point lynx/tabby and has the most amazing eyes and overall type. She is the friendliest of cats, always around and trying to help and keeping an eye on things and making friends wherever she goes...a judges favourite!



Ancats Db Gd Ch Aberlady Gypsy Queen 

Gypsy is a Blue Lynx Mitted Ragdoll and sister to Harley. There were seven kittens in this  litter and every one of them was outstanding. Gypsy's deep blue eyes are simply stunning.



Ancats Gd Ch Aberlady Cleopatras Delite 

Cleo is a Blue Lynx/Tabby Bicolour Girl with amazing eye colour and body. She is a daughter of Phoenix and so carries Chocolate, meaning she can have all colours of kittens and half of them will be lynx.

Meet the seal girls



Ancats Gd Ch Aberlady Duchess Jasmine 

Jazzy is a Seal Mitted Lynx/Tabby Ragdoll, and a daughter of Meeko. She is a bigger girl with a very soft personality and great markings. She will have Chocolate and Seal kittens, half of which will be mitted and half of which will have the lynx pattern



Ancats Db Gd Ch Ragalon Venus 

Venus is a young Seal Bicolour girl from Pam at the amazing Ragalon Cattery, carrying wonderful Koc Pol Lines on both sides with typical Polish type and fantastic temperament and a long silky coat.



Ancats Gd Ch Raggysandme Tiakarete Rose

Tia is a simply stunning Seal Bicolour girl with the most amazing blue eyes and beautiful light coat with no tinting. She has Polish imports from different bloodlines on both sides of her pedigree.



Aberlady Royal Roxy

Roxy is a Seal Point Lynx Ragdoll and a daughter of Meeko and Sasha. She is medium sized with striking stripes and colours. She will have pointed chocolate and lilac kittens and half of them will be lynx/tabby patterned.



Aberlady Miss Daisy

Daisy is a seal mitted ragdoll with a blaze, which harks back to the original boy ragdoll "Daddy Warbucks' and is one of my favourite patterns. She has the most incredible blue eyes and loves to race me to the bathroom.



Ancats Gd Ch Raggysandme Elemental Rose

Elly is Seal Point ragdoll and is from Donna's Raggysandme cattery. I cant wait to see her kittens, she has amazing traditional lines on one side and superb Polish lines on the other with incredible deep blue eyes.

meet the chocolate girls



Ancats Gd Ch Jarrah Summer Rose

Rosie is another girl from the Dineke's Jarrah Cattery carrying Champion Swedish and NZ lines as well as the traditional lines of GuysnDolls . Rosie is a Chocolate Point carrying dilute and so can have all colours of kittens.



Queen Nefertiti of Craigdolls

Titi is is a young Chocolate Mitted Ragdoll carrying dilute, and with Czech lines. She has the most cheeky face, soft coat and is a big girl. Although mis-marked for show, she has great traits to breed with.



Ancats Db Gd Ch Aberlady Dixie Lee

Dixie is a Chocolate Point Lynx or tabby ragdoll. She has an amazing personality and has toilet trained herself to use the bathroom instead of the litter box!

meet the lilac girls



Ancats Gd Ch Jarrah Indigo Star 

Star is an amazing Lilac Point girl from the Jarrah Cattery of Victoria. She is blend of traditional and older NZ bloodlines with an amazing and friendly temperament, always looking for a lap to sit on.



Ancats Ch Dragonflame Khaleesi of Craigdolls

Khali is a stunning Lilac Mitted girl from the wonderful Craigdolls cattery. She has Polish as well as old Australian Lines. She has the most amazing bunny rabbit soft coat and just loves to hang on the aquarium watching the fish!

Coming Soon - Lilac Bicolour



Aberlady Tara Belle

Tara is a Seal Tabby Bicolour and a  daughter of Jet with the most amazing temperament, cute features and perfect markings. She follows me everywhere and then just flops in front of my feet. I'm excited to see how she goes on the show bench next year and with her first litter.



Aberlady Nike

Nike is a blue tabby bicolour with exceptional characteristics, pattern and coat. She is the daughter of Cleo and a Polish Import boy and had already done well as a kitten on the show bench.



Aberlady Maya

Maya is the sister of Nike and a blue bicolour from the same litter. She is slightly mis-marked but has excellent characteristics and size as well as temperament and is a girlfriend chosen specially for Mav. I am excited to see her first kittens when she is old enough.