purebred pedigree ragdoll kittens for sale in Sydney

Meet the Boys



Phoenix is a Grand Champion Lilac Pointed male with multiple Champions throughout his pedigree. He is from the amazing Amberglade cattery in South Australia. Having been a great boy he is now nearing a well earned retirement.



Jet is a Seal Mitted boy carrying imported bloodlines from Champion and traditional lines. He is a big strong boy with piercing blue eyes and an amazing coat. He carries both Chocolate and Dilute and so can have all colours of kittens.



Gd CH Aztec Snow is a rare lilac lynx/tabby bicolour boy. He is a home bred boy who stood out from a very young age because of his amazing head shape. He has always been a loving and gentle giant and is the closest thing there is to a 'white' ragdoll.



Maverick is an outstanding Blue Bicolour  boy from Victoria, bred from the Champions at Ragalon. He has an amazing personality as well as great type. Maverick recently won Best Kitten at the Royal Easter Show in 2/3 Rings and he is destined to be a media star....he just loves the camera and showing off to all visitors.



Merlin is blue lynx/tabby point homebred boy with amazing blue eyes and incredible coat. His father is the Polish Db Gd CH Golsaw from the incredible Craigdolls cattery. Merlin won the Best Kitten in Ring 3 at the Royal Easter Show. He has the most amazing personality and loves to lie on my shoulders.

Meeko (Retired)


Meeko was our original boy bred from the well known and incredible XOXO lines.  He is father/grandfather to some of the 2nd and 3rd generation girls. He is a Seal Mitted Ragdoll with a Blaze, and passed on his incredible blue eyes. He is a happily retired family pet now.

meet the girls



Ch Duchess Jasmine is a Seal Mitted Lynx/Tabby Ragdoll, and a daughter to Meeko and Sasha. She is a bigger girl with a very soft personality and great markings. She will have Chocolate and Seal kittens, half of which will be mitted and half of which will have the lynx pattern



CH Cleopatras Delite is a Blue Lynx/Tabby Bicolour Girl with amazing eye colour and body. She is a daughter of Phoenix and so carries Chocolate, meaning she can have all colours of kittens and half of them will be lynx.



Skylar is a petite Blue Pointed Ragdoll with rich colours and blue eyes, amazing ragdoll type and long hair. She loves to talk and cuddle up. She is a daughter of Phoenix and carries Chocolate so her kittens can be all colours.



Harley is Blue Point Tabby rags doll like her brother Merlin. She is a daughter to Jazzy and has the most amazing coat and tail. She is the friendliest of cats, always around and trying to help and keeping an eye on things.



Gypsy is a Blue Lynx Mitted Ragdoll and also a sister of Merlin. There were seven kittens and their litter and every one of them was outstanding.



Dora is young Blue Point girl and a daughter of Jet, sharing his piercing blue eyes. She has an adventurous and personality and loves to play especially with any toy that has feathers!



Krystal is Seal mitted Ragdoll with a larger blaze. She has a darker colouration and striking features. She carries dilute and so will have Blue and Seal kittens some them will be mitted with  blaze. Krystal is the ultimate lap cat.



Dragonflame Khaleesi is a stunning Lilac Mitted girl from the wonderful Craigdolls cattery. She is from Db Gd Ch Dobby the Elf and has Polish as well as old Australian Lines. She has the most amazing soft coat and just loves to hang on the aquarium watching the fish!



Daisy is a Seal Mitted Ragdoll with a blaze and carrying on the 'Daddy Warbucks' tradition of her grandfather Meeko. She is home bred and can have all colours and patterns carrying both Chocolate and Dilute.  She loves to follow me around and will race me to the bathroom!



Roxy is a Seal Point Lynx Ragdoll and a daughter of Meeko and Sasha. She is medium sized with striking stripes and colours. She will have pointed chocolate and lilac kittens and half of them will be lynx/tabby patterned.



CH Duschess Jasmine is a Seal Mitted Lynx/Tabby Ragdoll, and also a daughter to Meeko and Sasha. She is a bigger girl with a very soft personality and great markings. She will have Chocolate and Seal kittens, half of which will be mitted and half of which will have the lynx pattern



Lucy is a Chocolate Lynx Mitted Ragdoll. She has very light colouration and a beautiful ringed tail. Home bred and another daughter of Sasha and this time Phoenix. Her second litter she had 10 Kittens!



Venus is a young Seal Bicolour girl from the amazing Ragalon Cattery, carrying wonderful Koc Pol Lines on both sides with typical Polish type and fantastic temperament.



Ellie is Seal Point ragdoll and is my youngest girl from the brilliant Raggysandme Lines. I cant wait to see her kittens she has amazing traditional lines on one side and superb Koc Pol lines on the other.



Tia is a simply stunning and rare Chocolate Bicolour girl with the most amazing blue eyes. Another girl from the amazing Raggysandme bloodlines, she has Polish imports from different bloodlines on both sides of her pedigree.



Star is an amazing Lilac Point girl from one of Australia's first breeders, the Jarrah Cattery of Victoria. She is blend of very traditional and incredible NZ bloodlines.



Titi is another girl bred by my wonderful friend Rhonda at Craigdolls. She is a young Chocolate Mitted Ragdoll carrying dilute, and another daughter of the Db Gd Ch Dobby the Elf from Polish Azrag Bey Lines.



Rosie is another girl from the amazing Jarrah Cattery carrying Champion Swedish and Nz lines as well as the traditional lines of GuysnDolls and Amberglade. Rosie is a Chocolate Point carrying dilute and so can have all oculars of kittens.